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Specto takes the honeypot approach one giant step further. Thanks to its proprietary technology, Specto can watch, record, and analyze every method of attack used by hackers in real-time. With Specto, cyber professionals are no longer “fighting the last war”. They are studying techniques being used by hackers only seconds ago.

Global Threat Analysis (GTA)

About the

The labs contain queries and assignments that enhance the training experience. These labs facilitate students in executing defense and attack tasks, thus aiding them in becoming more proficient professionals.


The coursebooks serve as aids for both lecturers and students engaged in cybersecurity studies. They are tailored to facilitate learning processes and provide extra support for students during and post-training.


Cyberium showcases diverse cybersecurity scenarios resembling actual professional situations. It covers network security, forensics, threat hunting, and more, empowering trainees to become skilled professionals.

Cyberium and

Completing the integrated project in Cyberium is a crucial requirement for trainees, as it is a testament to their acquired knowledge and their proficiency in creating defensive and offensive cybersecurity tools.

What is Specto?

Imagine a group of burglars attempting to secretly invade your home, seeking hidden treasures. They're oblivious to the fact that each of their moves is being closely monitored and recorded, thereby providing invaluable knowledge about their latest theft techniques. This is a fitting metaphor for the innovative Specto technology by ThinkCyber in the field of cybersecurity.
Traditional cybersecurity measures use 'honeypots' as a strategy - these are decoys meant to attract and divert hackers. However, once a hacker discovers they've been duped by a honeypot, they usually execute a self-destruction protocol, erasing any evidence of their methodologies. Specto takes this concept further by continuously monitoring, logging, and analyzing every attack technique in real-time. This ensures that cybersecurity professionals can stay one step ahead of the latest threats, always adapting to new and emerging hacking strategies.

About the Technology

Unveiling the Power.

ThinkCyber's Specto technology stands out in the cybersecurity landscape due to its revolutionary approach to threat detection, monitoring, and training. While traditional cybersecurity methods rely heavily on established threat databases and static defense mechanisms like honeypots, Specto pushes beyond these paradigms. It adopts an active, live data collection strategy, amassing real-time information about cyberattacks as they occur. This allows Specto to provide immediate, critical insights into the latest hacking techniques that other systems may not catch until much later.​

One of Specto's unique aspects is its ability to integrate real-time threat detection with hands-on cybersecurity training. By funneling the real-world, current cyberattack methods it uncovers directly into the Cyberium Arena Simulator, Specto ensures that cybersecurity professionals are always training against the most recent threats. This is a stark contrast to many existing training programs, which often lag behind the current state of cyber warfare.

Furthermore, Specto’s innovative approach to Indicators of Compromise (IOC) provides another layer of uniqueness. Instead of merely responding to IOCs, Specto actively hunts for them within an organization's network, sending alerts to the security teams for proactive measures. This aspect, coupled with its machine learning capabilities for continuous monitoring, elevates Specto as a leading-edge technology in cybersecurity.

Specto is not just a tool, but a solution that changes the way cyber defense strategies are designed, implemented, and taught. Its emphasis on real-time threat intelligence, proactive threat detection, and cutting-edge training techniques makes it an invaluable asset to organizations, professionals, and the entire cybersecurity industry. With the advent of Specto, the future of cybersecurity training will be more real-time, responsive, and relevant than ever, staying one step ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Specto Analysis

Revealing the Secrets.

Specto utilizes a proprietary system, independent of standard honeypot structures like database, web, service, offensive, and others. It's not only a cloud service but also has the potential to collate data from distributed honeypots or any machine, regardless of whether it's inside a network or external. Thus, it fosters a broader and more diverse data collection capacity than many other security systems.
Key to its operation is a mix of proactive intelligence gathering and dynamic responses. Specto can detect, monitor, and respond to cyberattacks in real time, even if the attack is encrypted. Its constant evolution and adaptability are ensured by ongoing fine-tuning based on the findings it generates.
Moreover, Specto is not just a passive monitoring tool; it incorporates advanced deception technology that allows it to dynamically interact with attackers, observing their actions and techniques in real-time. This contributes to an extensive database of attacker behavior, which can then be used for training and threat anticipation.
Specto's design allows it to work with minimal hardware requirements, which makes it versatile and cost-effective. Specto has been designed with legality and ethical considerations in mind. Its methods don't violate privacy laws, and its information can't be misused, making it a defense tool with integrity.

Case Studies

Attack Tools Captured by Specto

Possessing the source code from attackers can offer invaluable knowledge to cybersecurity teams. It allows them to observe and understand novel cyber attack strategies, which can then be used to enhance the security of their infrastructure.

Malicious Activity Recorded by Specto

From tracing unauthorized access attempts to identifying patterns in data breaches, Specto's ability to record malicious activities provides a comprehensive overview of potential threats faced by an organization.

SPECTO Can Detect Zero-Day Attacks

Zero-day attacks refer to cyber attacks exploiting a vulnerability that is unknown to the software vendors or developers. This makes these types of attacks particularly dangerous, as there are no existing patches or fixes to prevent the exploit.

Malicious Activity Monitored

Specto's advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities enable it to not only detect but also analyze these activities in depth. Specto's information is continuously updated and refined, which allows it to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

Cyberium and Specto

The Future is Here.

Unlike conventional methods that depend on existing threat databases and static defense mechanisms, Specto collects real-time data about ongoing cyberattacks, thereby offering immediate insights into emerging hacking methods. This live data allows Specto to stay ahead of the curve, identifying threats other systems may not detect until much later.​

One standout feature of Specto is its ability to intertwine real-time threat detection with hands-on cybersecurity training. Specto's integration with the Cyberium Arena Simulator facilitates training for cybersecurity professionals against the most recent, real-world cyber threats. This dynamic approach helps circumvent the limitations of many current training programs, which can be outdated and fail to reflect the current state of cyber warfare.

Specto also introduces an innovative approach to Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Rather than merely responding to IOCs, Specto actively searches for them within a network, triggering alerts for security teams to take proactive action. This, in combination with machine learning capabilities for persistent surveillance, underscores Specto's position as a pioneering technology in the field of cybersecurity.

In essence, Specto is a game-changing solution that redefines how cybersecurity strategies are conceived, executed, and imparted. By focusing on real-time threat intelligence, proactive threat detection, and state-of-the-art training methodologies, Specto proves invaluable to organizations, professionals, and the entire cybersecurity industry. As Specto continues to advance, cybersecurity training becomes increasingly real-time, responsive, and relevant, enabling users to stay a step ahead of evolving cyber threats.

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