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About The Simulator

The CYBERIUM ARENA simulator provides an all-encompassing, dynamic training platform in the realm of cybersecurity. Powering this unique learning environment is the innovative Specto technology. This vast data repository forms the backbone of CYBERIUM's training modules, enabling the design of defense strategies grounded in real-world threat scenarios. By studying these actual cyber-attacks, CYBERIUM participants can stay ahead of the curve, no longer chasing the ever-evolving methodologies employed by hackers. Instead, armed with the knowledge and skills honed by the CYBERIUM ARENA simulator, cybersecurity professionals can preemptively counteract threats, ensuring a proactive defense posture.
Cloud Based Simulations

The scenarios are meticulously designed, immersive experiences that simulate real-world cybersecurity challenges. These scenarios range from dealing with sophisticated cyber-attacks, providing participants a practical, hands-on training experience.

Labs: Hands-On Practice

The labs are a vital component of the cybersecurity training platform, providing practical, hands-on experiences in a safe and controlled environment.


Creating automations and tools in cybersecurity enables a deeper understanding of cybersecurity systems and vulnerabilities.

Student Analysis and Reporting

This process helps educators identify strengths and weaknesses, tailor instruction to individual needs, track improvement over time, and make data-driven decisions.

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SPECTO Technology

Introducing Specto, a pioneering technology underpinning a transformative approach to cybersecurity. Specto employs an advanced honeypot strategy to enable real-time monitoring, comprehensive recording, and thorough analysis of each hacking attempt, thereby offering immediate insights into cyber adversaries' tactics. This transformative tool empowers cybersecurity professionals to shift from merely reacting to past threats to actively studying the latest hacking techniques, often while they are being deployed.

ThinkCyber, harnessing the capabilities of Specto, has instituted an extensive global network of probes. These probes have been designed to attract hackers consistently, capturing a wealth of critical data from their incessant intrusion attempts. This data is then meticulously analyzed and utilized to develop effective defensive strategies.

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ThinkCyber has a partner network in 15 countries worldwide

ThinkCyber Bulgaria is a partner of ThinkCyber, which sets the ambitious goal of helping to make Bulgaria a leader in the field of cyber security in Europe

Are You Ready to Master the Art of Cybersecurity?

ThinkCyber's Entry Bundle is an exceptional resource for your institution to offer students a strong, hands-on foundation in the rapidly expanding field of cybersecurity. This comprehensive program presents learners with a structured pathway that guides them through the fundamentals, with a significant focus on practical, hands-on experience in real-world cyber scenarios.

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