The CYBERIUM ARENA simulator

The CYBERIUM ARENA simulator provides a comprehensive solution, encompassing labs, literature, research documents, projects, and preparation for international certifications. CYBERIUM is an advanced simulator dedicated to addressing cybersecurity training needs, like managing cyber-attacks and operations technology. By using this simulator, participants receive thorough training via a variety of scenarios.


The CYBERIUM ARENA simulator is a prime training system for educating the next generation, helping participants change their mindset to the cyber professional's mindset, using a unique methodology to turn real events into scenarios.

Cyberium Main Features


The labs contain queries and assignments that enhance the training experience. These labs facilitate students in executing defense and attack tasks, thus aiding them in becoming more proficient professionals.


The coursebooks serve as aids for both lecturers and students engaged in cybersecurity studies. They are tailored to facilitate learning processes and provide extra support for students during and post-training.


Cyberium showcases diverse cybersecurity scenarios resembling actual professional situations. It covers network security, forensics, threat hunting, and more, empowering trainees to become skilled professionals.


Completing the integrated project in Cyberium is a crucial requirement for trainees, as it is a testament to their acquired knowledge and their proficiency in creating defensive and offensive cybersecurity tools.

Insights into the Trainer's System View

The Trainer System View is a dynamic, interactive platform that allows trainers to effectively manage and monitor student progress. This interface gives trainers complete control over the learning environment, enabling them to adjust lessons, assignments, and labs.
By using this system, trainers can track the progress of students in real-time, viewing completed tasks, assessing performance, and identifying areas where students may need extra support. This immediate insight into a student's work allows the trainer to ensure that students are genuinely engaging in hands-on tasks, not just theoretically understanding concepts.
This holistic, real-time view ensures the trainers are fully equipped to guide their students through their learning journey, effectively fostering a hands-on learning environment. This enhances the quality of education, as students receive immediate, tailored feedback and support, thereby leading to better understanding and mastery of the subject matter.

Hands-On Training is Shaping the Future

Hands-on training is paramount in learning, especially in fields like cybersecurity where practical skills often outshine theoretical knowledge. Cyberium plays a vital role in facilitating this immersive, experiential learning environment.

LMS Unit Screen

The LMS Unit screen lets the trainer view each participant's statistics and scores. This provides valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of every participant. The monitoring display essentially enables the trainer to keep track of the progress of each student and adjust training strategies accordingly.

Lab Control

Trainers play a crucial role in controlling the labs, which are practical, hands-on exercises designed to enhance students' cybersecurity skills. These assignments are structured to simulate real-world situations, thereby allowing students to gain practical experience in managing and mitigating cyber threats.

Student Progress

The trainer's role extends beyond mere setup, as they also monitor student progress, providing guidance and feedback as necessary.

The Operator

The operator display serves as a dynamic, real-time tracker of each participant's advancement through different scenarios within the Cyberium-Arena Simulator. Acting much like a live scoreboard, it provides trainers with a snapshot view of each participant's ongoing progress. This immediate insight is crucial for the trainers, as it allows them to spot areas where participants are either thriving or encountering difficulties. Based on these observations, trainers can then tailor the training program to address individual needs.

Student View: Self-Directed Learning

The Cyberium features an advanced cloud-based access system that provides students with the flexibility and convenience to engage in practice sessions anytime they choose. This access means that learning can continue outside of structured training sessions, allowing students to reinforce their skills at a pace that suits their individual learning styles and schedules.
When a training scenario commences, the simulator deploys virtual systems automatically within the Cyberium Arena. This automated deployment is designed to generate an immersive and realistic cybersecurity experience. These virtual systems simulate real-world cyber environments, offering a hands-on opportunity for students to delve into the complexities of cybersecurity.

Within these simulated environments, students can engage in a variety of tasks that mirror actual cybersecurity work. These tasks include researching and analyzing files, investigating cyber-crimes, and working on various other assignments. All of these activities are timed, adding an element of pressure that mimics the urgency often present in real-world cybersecurity situations. This time pressure not only enhances the realism of the simulation but also helps students to develop the ability to work effectively under potentially stressful conditions, a key skill in the fast-paced world of cybersecurity.

Student Dashboard

The Student Dashboard serves as the primary interface for students participating in the cybersecurity training programs. This user-friendly platform provides a centralized location for students to access various training resources, monitor their progress, and engage in hands-on cybersecurity exercises. It offers real-time tracking of performance metrics, offering students valuable insights into their learning journey. This includes data on completed tasks, ongoing assignments, and scores.

Lab Access

Students can access these labs at any time, thanks to the cloud-based system, allowing them the flexibility to practice their skills at a pace that suits their learning style.

Progress and More

By working through these labs, students can gain valuable experience and develop a robust understanding of various cybersecurity concepts and practices, which is a crucial step towards becoming proficient cybersecurity professionals.


The labs provide opportunities to build a wide range of student capabilities. This includes developing technical skills, such as understanding how to use various cybersecurity tools and techniques, and soft skills, such as problem-solving and critical thinking.

Scenario Screen

The scenarios built by Cyberium provide participants with past or current situations from cybersecurity or cyberterrorism to solve. The elements of pressure experienced by the students when dealing with real-life situations in a limited time in the simulator, raise them to a high level of professionalism and prepare them to play a central role in the cyber world.

Scenario Reports

The Simulator is equipped with a comprehensive reporting system that plays a crucial role in tracking and evaluating student progress throughout the training process. These reports offer a detailed overview of each student's performance, capturing data on aspects such as completed tasks, time taken for each task, number of errors, and overall scores.

Cyberium Arena Report System

In today's rapidly evolving cyber landscape, the need for highly skilled and efficient cyber professionals has never been more critical. To effectively assess and develop these individuals, two distinct and valuable scoring methods have been developed. These methods, the Standard Performance Scoring (SPS) and the Cyberium Effectiveness Score (CES) methods are designed to evaluate the skills and capabilities of cyber unit personnel, providing invaluable insights to management and facilitating informed decision-making.​

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